By divesting money away from extractive industries (fossil fuels, prisons, military, bad banks, etc) and reinvesting in regenerative vehicles like the Financial Cooperative, we can begin to build the economy we need today. Visit our Just Transition Projects section for more information!

In the past, Reinvest in Our Power has partnered with groups such as the Divestment Student Network, and the Responsible Endowments Coalition to incorporate demands for reinvestment into fossil fuel divestment campaigns. We are currently working with other sectors such as philanthropy using divestment to build powerful campaigns that resource a just transition to build the economies we need.

Here are some resources for campaigners looking at ways to reinvest:

We can actually move resources to communities at the frontlines of the extractive economy…

General Resources

Stewards of Reinvest In Our Power

These 3 organizations provide staffing and direction to the RiOP initiative. Through RiOP, we support and help seed reinvestment campaigns across our movements.

Climate Justice Alliance: A national alliance advancing just transition strategies in grassroots communities across the U.S.

Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project: A collective that inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture.

New Economy Coalition: A national network of 200 organizations who are imagining and building democratic economies where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive.


Reinvestment Campaign Resources

Campus Reinvestment Campaign Toolkit: Written in 2016, this toolkit serves as a campaign resource oriented towards student organizers. Content includes just transition concepts and messaging, a history of Reinvest in Our Power, overview of partners in the project, and specific tools for campaign planning

DefundDAPL: There is a wave of city and individual divestment efforts aimed at the banks who are financing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Following the resistance of the Standing Rock Sioux, these campaigns have removed millions of dollars from pipeline investors. #WaterIsLife

Enlace International Prison Divestment: Enlace is an international multiracial multisector alliance that does capacity building trainings and engages in strategic campaigning for the self-determination of the working people. Currently Enlace is leading efforts toward prison divestment and the Freedom Cities Campaign.

Labor Network for Sustainability: Should your union’s pension fund divest from fossil fuels? A guide for trade unionists

Divest/Invest: Organizing investors–individual and institutional– Divest/Invest supports efforts to accelerate a renewable energy transition.



Regenerative Economy Resources

A Strategic Framework for Just Transition: A 32-page long training tool that offers a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable and just for all its members.  It is full of visuals, stand-alone sections, and curriculum ideas.

New Economy Coalition Guide to Banking Alternatives: An introduction to credit unions, community development financial institutions, and community banks

The Working World: We put finance in the hands of working people without making them put down collateral or take on the burden of debt that may threaten their wellbeing. We do this by promoting a more inclusive form of ownership — businesses that are collectively run and owned by their workers and community — and tying loan returns to project success to minimize risk, both for our fund and the enterprises we help thrive.

First Nations Oweesta Corporation: First Nations Oweesta Corporation’s mission is to provide opportunities for Native people to develop financial assets and create wealth by assisting in the establishment of strong, permanent institutions and programs contributing to economic independence and strengthening sovereignty for all Native communities.

New Economy Project: Our work focuses on campaigns to challenge corporations that harm communities and perpetuate inequality and poverty; and efforts to build strong local economies, by fostering democratically-structured, community-controlled initiatives such as worker cooperatives, community development credit unions, community land trusts, and mutual housing.

Federation of Community Development Credit Unions: “The Federation’s member CDCUs provide credit, savings, transaction services and financial education to more than 6 million residents of low-income urban, rural and reservation-based communities across the United States, and hold over $60 billion in community-controlled assets.”

CEANYC’s Solidarity Economy Giving Circle: The Solidarity Economy Giving Circle is a newly formed group of donors committed to collectively moving money to build an economy in New York City that is based on values of social and racial justice, ecological sustainability, cooperation, mutualism, and democracy.

Funders and Investors

Providing a temporary but critical transition